Abstract rainbow colors photoshop video tutorial

Like the movie...rate it now

Create beautiful, rainbow colors background in Photoshop. Original post – www.psdgraphics.com Hi-res files – www.psdgraphics.com Photoshop HD video tutorial.

Like the movie...rate it now


  1. how did you select all the colors from the color picker? I can’t get it to select them like you did.

  2. I think he used ALT + Print Screen, then Control + V to paste the image….Alt + Print Screen copies the active window.

  3. how you get that colored bar wat need preset to get that colored bar wat you press in 0:27 seconds in youre video wat buton you press

  4. thanks alot ive just made a fantastic wallpaper for my desktop that has your amazing spectrum design! 5 stars

  5. @MarcosFabianTv

    Actually it is not a Photoshop feature, I cut the video to make it shorter.

  6. i got another question hahahha after u selected the brush and did that thing with the yellow and red …what button did u push to finish it ???

  7. no dude …look… after you selected what size and so on the image should be…a wihte page opens….and around the withe page tehre is a scale on the left side and on top….i don’t know a better way to explain :S

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