Quick logo creation tutorial in Illustrator for beginners

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So far there are many posts/videos on the topic logo creation for CorelDraw… this is first video you will learn how to do the same job on Illustrator. Though the video in low quality but has enough information you will love to know…

Like the movie...rate it now


  1. @crafty4u awesome, definitely let me know how it goes. glad this could be of some use!

  2. This is excellent.! My next class project is to make a personal or imagined business logo. I will try ur approach and keep ur posted of the results! Thanks… Now I feel mcuh better!

  3. @TheAlexdrift Do you want like a avatar for your YouTube account/profile or a logo like this, like a company logo?

  4. @yoshilipitiss Yeah same here, when I first opened Illustrator I was like “How the fuck do I work this thing” But Im glad that this guy is helping others out

  5. @ZookanProductions
    Nevermind my last question I can do it
    the exact way I was saying lol can tell
    Im a noob,

    Thanks Lisa

  6. @ZookanProductions
    Yes Thanks that fixed the black box but
    how can I make the open document small
    in size its hard to view like in photoshop
    you can float the document and grab the
    sides and resize the document as you
    are comfortable with

    Thanks Lisa

  7. I think you may be talking about the ArtBoard, by going to View>Hide Artboard that may fix your problem.

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