How to apply Animated Changing Color effect to a Text using Photoshop

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A very easy effect for new beginners in Adobe Photoshop. Make an animated text that changes color every time using Adobe Photoshop CS2 and Adobe ImageReady CS2. Get through this video….

Like the movie...rate it now


  1. Photoshop is shit i would much rather use paint then this slow processing pile of shit it took me 2om ins of waiting to turn the background black and when finshed it wasnt even black

  2. dude.. -.- I make text 999 pkt and its like big as yours.. on 72 its impossible to see the text help :S

  3. Maybe you7 could give some voice commentary next time 😉

    Like go to blending blalbla etc 😉

  4. Thnx for the answer but i dont hav that in my photoshop so i simply made the writing in photoshop and the animation in imageready. My tutorial shows u how to save the file from imageready as a .wmv too. View my vid if u hav time :P. P.S. Thnx for the tutorial!

  5. Are you illiterate?
    Probably shouldn’t be watching youtube if you need someone to talk it out to you, your never going to figure it out :b

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