Artistic Media in CorelDraw X3

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Artistic Media in CorelDraw X3

Like the movie...rate it now


  1. Alex! I love your tutorials, I wish you would have hundreds of them! You demonstrate every step in a clear and concise manner so that one can actually learn and utilize the information.. Thank you so very much, really. God bless you!

  2. To get a bright RGB color go to Tools>Color management…go to the dropdown at the top and select Color Management Off.

  3. ¡Guau!, de verdad muy importante, no sabía que esto se podía hacer.

    Guau!, really very important, he/she didn’t know that this one could make.

  4. Alex…
    How did you change the color of cyan (blue into bright blue)and the green into bright green in you RGB color pallette?

    Your RGB color pallette is not the same on some video tutorials i saw. How did you change it?

  5. thank you for the tutorial you really explain it clearly bro and hope to see more keep it up ………U R GREAT!

  6. Same here Alex.

    Love the tutorials! I keep checking for new ones, just like checking e-mail!

    Hope everthing is cool your end. Don’t quit!

  7. When you click on artistic media, make sure to choose the brush icon on the upper left corner (properties bar). Anyway I made part 2 tutorials and pay attention on the part that I select the brush.

  8. Another awsome deom! 1 estion my artistic medi options (the drop down list) does not the same as what you have, is there somethig I have to install for these?

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