Assembly Component Error while installing Adobe Reader: Error Code 1935

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Few days back with one of my client, I was installing Adobe Reader to his laptop and came across a very new and strange problem:

Error 1935. An error occurred during the installation of assembly component {B708EB72-AA82-3EB7-8BB0-D845BA35C93D}. HRESULT: 0x80070BC9

which causes the setup to abort the installation process. While the same setup program runs well on the another PC. Even after several tries.. I was not able to found a solution as the above error pops up every time  I runs the setup. However, In such a situation when we gets such stupid errors we simple formats and reinstall the windows but in this case the client won’t allow me to do so… for his own reasons.

So, now I have to install the Adobe Reader on the same machine with rectifying the problem or atleast with a solution. After a lot of Googling and several R&D’s finally I came across a solution… mentioned below.

Step 1: First of all close all the application running.

Step 2: Launch Run command, using Windows+R

Step 3: In the input box type MSconfig and hit enter to launch System Configuration Utility

Step 4: In the System Configuration window, click on Startup tab

Step 5:  Uncheck all the Startup items which are checked. Note down the items which you have unchecked as you will need to check them again after installation.

Step 6: Click on Apply, OK and restart Windows. and then again install the Adobe reader.

The above steps mentioned, have solved my problem… and may be the reason that there may be any program or settings causing the problem. But once you have finished out the installation process don’t forget to re-enable the startup items you have just disabled.

But in case if the above steps still doesn’t solve your problem or you have figured out any other solution or reason plz do mention it with us.. using the comment section…..

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