Graphic Designer: Which application do you prefer most?

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What are the most useful programs,Adobe Illustrator, CorelDraw….for logos, icons, package design, page layout…


For photos and bitmap editing photoshop.  No question.  Gimp can be made usable however you have to be a programmer to do it.

For everything else LOOK at open source.

While Corel Draw is good for logos and other vector graphics, the best program was freehand until Adobe bought it and rendered it moribund.  Illustrator can still be a major pain although it is certainly powerful.  The open Source Inkscape is SOMEWHAT like Freehand but has an interface designed by engineers which allows you to do a few InDesign tricks.  I think personally inkscape is WA-AY better than illustrator, but this is a personal choice.

For Page Layout there is still Quark Xpress, which isn’t exactly Moribund but isn’t the industry standard any more.  The  Industry Standard is now Adobe InDesign and it doesn’t suffer from illustrator’s many drawbacks.  It can be complicated though.  I would use EITHER InDesign or Quark Xpress for heavy jobs such as a book but for something lighter some years ago some open source people did a Pagemaker knock-off and while Pagemaker is no longer maintained, Scribus is:

By necessity it is very much its own program now and is very much worth looking at for pamphlets and other light jobs.  Plus it is free.

That’s’ about it.  Some animation is usually necessary these days.  I don’t mean 3d stuff.  So get Flash.  Like Photoshop, there is no alternative.

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  1. There are plenty of options from software that’s free (open source) to various packages you have to purchase.

    If you want industry standard software that gives you a huge range of features and you’re serious about doing design, invest in the Adobe software.

    For example the design standard suite includes Photoshop (image manipulation/drawing), Illustrator (vector based drawing, ideal for logos), InDesign (page layout) and full version of Acrobat. All individual programs are fully compatible with each other.

    This will give you all the tools needed to create your designs and being industry standard will ensure you have no issues when it comes to getting your designs printed either from the source files or from pdf files.

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