Wants to buy a PC for Graphic Designing work: The Best PC Configuration!

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‘cellron, intel p3, centrino, dual core’ i am at confused what is the best one among the above processors and what is the best motherboard to the above for the high end graphics like 3d, coreldraw, photoshop..what would be cost around in indian currency, is it good to have assembled or a branded one………..


Stay away from anything printed with “Celeron”. Period. You’d process faster with a turd taped to your motherboard.

As for what a good rig would be, you have two options: One, the most obvious, is Mac. You may come into some compatibility snags with some programs and hardware, so if you go this route make sure to check every box you buy for compatibility. They also tend to be on the expensive side, and the operating system seems to be very love-hate. In my opinion, the only good use for a Mac seems to be in graphic design, and I have no real use for them as I can put together a well-built all-around rig for less cost with the same processing power. Which brings up option 2: a built PC.

When shopping for a ready-built PC expect to pay a little more to save yourself the labor and pay for the name. Plus side: they usually come with a 1-3 year warranty on parts and labor. Big things to look for when shopping for one are:

A good processor-if you can budget for it try finding either an Intel Core 2 Duo or an AMD Athlon 6000+ or above, or spurge for the Intel Core 2 Quad processor for 4x the speed.
A good motherboard-not too big of a deal if you buy high-end, just make sure the motherboard can take more than 2-3 GB or RAM. I’ve seen some eMachines that only allow 2 GB on the board.
A good video card- try an Nvidia GeForce 8000 series or around, the higher the number you can get the better. If you can’t find a pre-built rig with a card this high just save the cash and get one with a lower card and just install a better card yourself; they’re not hard at all to install or you can pay soneone else to.
DO NOT let a salesperson talk you into an expensive computer that is the same as another, only with more RAM. If you can get 3 GB of RAM without hurting yourself, go for it, but you can get DDR2 memory cheaper online than the markup tends to run.

If you want to build one, research online and buy brand name for all big parts; RAM may look like RAM, but if the manufacturer wasn’t reputable that RAM may burn up in a year or less. Also try using the same brand RAM when swapping it in; some brands may not function optimally when having to work with other brands. MSI was the company I picked for my motherboard and graphics card, with an AMD chipset; Asustek also makes fantastic motherboards. A complete guide to building a rig can be found at www.pcstats.com under “Beginners Guides” that can walk you through all the fine points.
Also think of what operating system you want with a PC: Most pre-built rigs only come with Windows Vista, but many still prefer Windows XP as it uses less memory to run and Vista still tends to be a little bit buggy at times. Another thing to think about is 32- vs 64-bit operating systems: 32-bit OS tend to be less quirky about what programs you use, but you’ll be limited on how much memory the OS will recognize (I believe it’s 2 GB for XP, 3 for Vista). 64-bit OS will let you use 4 GB of ram and up, but some smaller programs may not want to install correctly (most run fine, all Asobe products and all large 3d modeling software support 64).

A good benchmark: I am going to school for 3d graphics and animation; I use Maya (a 3d rendering program), Photoshop, Illustrator, Corel Painter, ZBrush (a high-polygon 3d modeling tool) and various other art-based programs. I am running:
AMD Athlon 6000+ dual-core processor (3.0 GHZ processor)
MSI K9N motherboard
850 GB Hard drive space (one old IDE drive, one SATA)
Nvidia NX8800 GTS video card
Windows XP Pro 64-bit

As for pricing, I don’t know what the pricing is in India, but my computer, built from ground up and including case, DVD burner, cooling system, power supply, etc. was just under $1000 USD. A comparable tower at Best Buy about a month ago was an HP at $1150, and the graphics card wasn’t as good. Meanwhile a Mac at about the same power, add another $500-1000 USD to that.

Hope this was a help!

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  1. mac’s are overpriced limited computers so i would suggest getting a higher end intel core 2 duo. and you would want a higher end graphics card such as an nvidia 8800 gt 512. they are around 250-300 dollars. the only reason you would want a mac is so you don’t have to worry about a virus causing you to lose your data, but mac’s aren’t as secure as they pretend to be.

  2. i have a quad 6600 and it eats those those programs up……around 280.00usd……..i also have a e6600 that works just as well, a tad slower in the rendering department, but overall is a great cpu………about 225.00usd………you can find find cheaper dual cores, intel, like the allendale, 1.8 and 2.0 ghz i believe…….still decent chips, and cost a lot less……..stay away from pentiums and cellerons…………or you can take the plain old cheap way out and go amd………ya want some good ram too………geil and corsair is what i use………just make sure ya get a minimum of 2 gigs……….i run raid0 which helps alot but im not gonna get into that……..people see that and ya instant thumbs down on here……..if people only new…..lol……i turn off disk indexing and shut the stupid system restore off also………omg, i cant wait for people to read that….but any way those cpu’s are good choices……good mobo…….abit,gigabyte,and asus are all i ever use…………if ya have the know how your alot better off building your own instead of buying prebuilt……..but if ya go that way, from what i read dell is a good chioce……….also if ya can, try to get at least a 8800gt………220.00usd for 256mb and around 250-270 for 512 mb……….

    good luck…..scott.

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