How do you create a webpage: Work with Photoshop, Dreamweaver or Coreldraw: Which is best

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I was talking to some friends last night and 2 of them design sites and another one starting to get into that field. The conversation that came up is this: What is the best and most efficient way to design and implement a website? Now one friend says he uses Photoshop and then splice his work and then turns it over to dreamweaver to finish it up. Another said he writes the code and then adds the images to css. The new guy says he uses CorelDraw (which I was not aware that this software even did that) So what is the best way in your opinion in making a great website? Do people actually use Photoshop? I thought dreamweaver was the best way to go about this.

What HTML and PHP editor do you use? Just plain ol’ notepad? What about CSS? There are a lot of good CSS editors out there.

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  1. well I design all my images in corel draw then I write up some html…thats what I do atleast…I’m not too big of a fan of dreamweaver…just don’t like the pricetag…

  2. Well, I just design all my images using GIMP, which is a free image editor, A LOT like photoshop, and there are no limits. In my opinion, GIMP is better than photoshop. And there are no trials or anything, you get it all right there for free. Just go to to download it. GIMP is awesome.

    Then, after I am done creating my images, I make my pages using HTML and PHP, and then use CSS to implement the images into the page, making it look professional. I definitely would never use Dreamweaver, because 1. it’s really expensive, and 2. there are some limits to it. When you use HTML, you have complete freedom over everything on your website, and the website will turn out exactly the way you want it.

  3. Personally I hand code right from my head, but if you don’t have the experience these are good to start –

    Free HTML Editors, Web Editors, and WYSIWYG Web Editors and Site Builders:
    HTML Editor Reviews –
    Free Online Editor Tool:
    Free Flash Website Builder (Online):
    PageBreeze (Free visual (WYSIWYG) and HTML tag/source modes):
    Notepad++ (Free source code editor and Notepad replacement that supports several languages):
    Serif WebPlus SE:

    Mac users might want to download BBedit Lite, a more powerful, and free mac text editor:

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