Best way to use images from MS Word document in Indesign

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Hi guys! Here I am back once again with an article on How you can import or use pictures from a Microsoft word document into an Indesign document.

So, as we all know, to start with a book, most of the authors or editors prefer the Microsoft Word to have type the content and place the image in the file itself for easy reference. Though, the file thus created is easily importable in Indesign but doing so, embed the images in the Indesign document itself…. avoiding the direct link to an image. Having images directly from the word file also makes them low resolution, and most of the time the images thus imported are also seems to be in the RGB colour mode…. not best for final printing.

Though, we know, for the images embedded in an Indesign document can be unembdded to any folder we want, but there is a big problem with this method. The image files saved using the method doesn’t seems very impressive as being the low resolution even if in the word document these were of very good quality.

Now what the solution? So doesn’t it better to exract images from the word file directly to the desired folder and later placed them in the Indesign document. Yes! it can be done very easily… but there is one thing we should keep in mind, that images used in the document were reset to the default so that the quality maintained.

Below is the steps by steps process which we need to follow:

Step 1 : First open the word document with the images and double click on the image, doing so will open the picture toolbar. On the picture toolbar ribbon click on reset.

Picture toolbar Microsoft Word
Picture toolbar Microsoft Word

Repeat the steps with all the images so the originality of the images maintained.

Step 2: Now from the file menu click on Save as…. this will display the save as dialogue. From the Save as type drop down menu choose the Web page (*.htm), shown in the below image.

Save as Html document in MS Word
Save as Html document in MS Word

Step 3: Choose the folder in which you want to save the file. Here at this location, a folder with the file name will be automatically created with all the images. You can later link these images into the final Indesign document and can do correction or whatever modification you would like to do.

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