Black skin in Photoshop ? Need professional help.?

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Ok,the thing is i need to turn some woman’s skin black.And i mean really black,not afro. I’m a pretty advanced Photshop user myself,so with shame i must say that i’ve spent my last ~10 hours trying to make the skin black and in the end,unhappy with the results, i used PS Lightroom and that did the trick.

However,I am really in need of a Photoshop technique to turn a white person’s skin black (000000) . And i need professional help because it’s a matter of life to get a black REALISTIC looking skin. That means THE BODY LINES NOT AFFECTED BY THE COLORING PROCESS.

So please,if any of you could give me a detailed answer,it would be much appreciated.

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  1. Colour the skin on a new layer and try different layer types. eg. overlay, colour burn. It’s at the top on the layers window at the side.

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