Wanted to create text effect in Photshop: Go through the best tutorial ever

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This video will show you how to create a bling bling text effect using Adobe Photoshop. It has used very simple but effective steps so that you understand the maximum with less efforts… but keep in mind that Graphic Design requires practice so don’t ever ignore it….

Like the movie...rate it now


  1. @scubadog2000 I spelled right wrong?.. “Rite?” .. is slang, it’s not wrong..
    I’m actually speaking english on daily basis, so I have English as my second language.

  2. @Cassie0z you spelled right wrong…But still its cool that your trying to learn English!
    I am learning English myself!

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  4. When i give Render -> Cloud my whole text gows white… and after that the Glas option does not appear to be active. I am using CS 3..

  5. Dude, thanks for posting this. Now, we can all be Fergie and live the fabulous, fabulous life.
    You’re the best!

  6. OMG No I didn’t , you’re proving everybody how god damn stupid you are, there was another guy who wanted english subtitles saying that he can’t understand English but he can read it!
    I deleted my comments cause of another thing!
    “Raizeo (1 month ago)
    Can you please make subtitles? Because im not from USA or whatever so i cant understand English but i can read so if you can please?”
    I hope you feel like a complete idiot right now cause that’s what you are!
    Good bye,

  7. that’s rite.. I respect people who try to speak a foreign language .. such as me trying to speak english 🙂

  8. I think that riggers72 mistakenly thought that Raizeo wanted subtitles in his native language, when Raizeo infact wants subtitles in English. It’s not unheard of to not be able to understand spoken English but be able to read it, or to understand spoken English without being able to speak it. Additionally, English is spoken all over the world, not just in America.

  9. you’re the one who’s retarded you narrowminded idiot! I usually respect people who even TRY to speak a foreign language, unlike you who’s an idiot enough to call people who don’t speak English as their mothers tongue retarded!

  10. you the panel at the right side of the adobe photo shop the one that shows every changes u made. his mouse is over that panel on 1:22 i mistakely x-ed it out i dont kno how to get it back hlp plz

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