Which one to Choose CorelDraw and Adobe Illustrator? Best vector drawing application

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I’ve learned Adobe Photoshop. Now I want to SELF-learn a vector illustration software. Can you help me choose between CorelDraw and Adobe Illustrator? All I want is that the software is:

1. Easy to use (simple interface, easy to organize)
2. Easy to learn (supported by a strong community and have a load of tutorial, resource…)
3. System requirement is not to high (may computer can run Photoshop but a bit slow)
4. Best for amateur user (I’m only a hobbyist so a software with lots of build-in filter and effect is good)


Neither Corel Draw nor Adobe Illustrator are “easy” or “simple.” However, since you have already been learning Photoshop (and actually, no one ever completely learns Photoshop, there are always new things to do, new ways to approach things, etc. Even the pros will tell you know one can learn everything about Photoshop, it’s just too deep a program). Anyway (sorry for the diversion), I would suggest you learn Illustrator. Illustrator won’t be quite as much a system hog as Photoshop (although if you are experiencing some lag, you might have problems with both programs open). Illustrator is the industry standard for vector work, and Illustrator and Photoshop coordinate with each other.

The hardest thing most people find in any vector program is getting used to the pen tool and how bezier curves work (don’t worry about the term). There are some great tutorials available, and yes, user groups and such. I would also suggest investing in some books, because the books will always be there for you, and a good basic book (Illustrator for Dummies or The Adobe Illustrator Classroom in a Book; make sure to get the book for the version you have/are going to get) will get you thoroughly introduced to the tools and so on.

Hope that helps you.

You can download and try them for free either at the Adobe/Corel websites or at download.com:


If you are running Photoshop, your computer should be able to run Illustrator. And, if you have used Photoshop and are somewhat accomplished at it, you should be able to use Illustrator.

The most important tool is the Pen Tool. If you can master it, you will be able to do a lot of things. You should know how to use it in Photoshop to make custom masks.

I cannot give you tutorials. I took classes at a local Community College. But, after just doing a search using “online illustrator tutorials” I got a lot of good websites. And, I’ll bet that there are a lot of good online communities where people are willing to help you by answering your questions.

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  1. Why not use them both? There are somethings that Corel can do that Adobe can’t…. and somethings that Adobe can and Corel can’t….
    My advice is that you use both…

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