Changing Backgrounds in CorelDraw X3

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Tutorial in changing backgrounds using powerclip

Like the movie...rate it now


  1. 3:04 alexis, im from argentina and i cant undetsrand when you say “click on shift more … ” and i cant undesratnd the key of keyboard that i must use convine with shift

    u can explain for he, whick is the key for use convined with shift ?

    i hope have you answer as soon as possible

    thanks you so much for you answer and for you tutorial 🙂

  2. can you like…..yell next time you make a video? i dont think people can here you……

  3. I tried this for about 3 hours and was unsuccessful in accomplishing it. I kept getting that invalid image message whenever I powerclipped. This is a headache!!!!

  4. This program sucks…Photoshop is the program for photographs..its so much easier…kudos..for those who have the patients for this crap.

  5. I need help.With CorelDraw 11 when I try to use the Place Inside container,a sign appers with a sentence: the object you selected is invalid.
    Can I use this trick only with x3?Hope not.

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