Chapter wise page extraction from a Complete Book in Indesign

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For a Typesetter it is a good practice to layout the complete book (if he is working in a book publishing industry) in one go (as a single file). As in a book publishing industry finalizing a book took a lot of correction, modification and having a single file make the task easy. From a single file, modification in a paragraph style or character style would be automatically applied to the complete book, but if the same file have been saved as chapter wise then it would be quite difficult to do the task above earlier.

Though, once a project completes packaging a single file of a book is always preferred but still there are many organisations requires file to be submitted chapter wise not the whole book. So here today, this article is based on the theme, How to create a chapter wise separate file from a complete file for a final submission.

For this tutorial, let I have here a document with 7 pages and I wants to break this file into three parts. First Two pages for chapter one , the next three for Chapter two and the remaining ones for Chapter three.

Though for some newbies it may seem very tough task but, here lies just a single logic. And once you understand the terminology, you will find how much easy this task was….

So to understand this first you have to learn “starting a new section’.

Section is used when we manually modify the page numbers of a book so that even if we add or delete a page from the book the sectioned page number remains unchanged. For ex. from the seven pages of the book as I have said earlier, I have to break it into three chapters and to achieve the result I have to delete the pages from the book…. but once I delete any page from the book the pagination will change.. so now what. This is where sectioning comes into effect. Here I will manually modify the page number 3 so that even if I delete the first two pages the pagination will not change.

But How to sectioning page in Indesign, below is the complete process:

  1. First you have to open the document and then open pages, side panel window.
  2. To open Pages side panel window go to Window>Pages or press F12 (if you have not modified the shortcut for this. To learn how you can modify a shortcut in Indesign refer to this post:
  3. From the pages panel opened click on the page you want to break like I want to break it from page 3. I will select the page 3 and using the mouse button right click on it, and from the context menu select Numbering and Section Option.
  4. This will show a window like this:
    Creating Section to a Page in Indesign
    Creating Section to a Page in Indesign

    Now click on the start option if not checked, and then choose Start page numbering at and in the text box put the desired number and click ok

  5. Once you click you ok, you will notice a small arrow above the page you have numbered in panel windows, which means this page is sectioned.
  6. So once you sectioned this page even if you delete the first two page from the pages panel its pagination will remain intact.
  7. Delete also the last two pages or in your case delete pages after your chapter ends and save this file with a new name whatever chapter it has.
  8. Though this is very boring but you have to do repeat the process until you finalize the job or
  9. Find a better way to do the same trick using extract script, for which I will prepare an article very soon… till then have this manual way to extract pages from a book.



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