Learn to create awsome Christmas Backgrounds using Photoshop

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Learn this winter season how to create a chilled background…. in this tutorial the author has used some of the basic tools to create this background… which you would love to do yourself…

Like the movie...rate it now


  1. In the upper left corner (right next to the selected pen tool) make sure that you have the icon in the middle selected (total of three). This will only trace a path with no color in the shape you create.

  2. In the video i follow what it shows, but i get stuck at the pin tool at around 3:15 is where the problem is my color changes automatically and you change it manually….what’s the problem?

  3. Super tutorial, it helps me understand different tools in PS am a beginner even though I am way late for the Christmas card, I’ll save it for next year!!!

    Too cool and Happy New Year!!! 🙂

  4. It’s tricky, but your best bet is the Ellipitcal (round) selection tool. Make a big selection and remove the excess.

  5. This is a really neat video tutorial!! I was wondering, would I be able to do this with Photoshop Elements 5.O, I don’t think I have paths or pin tools, but I have the Lasso, and Magnetic Tool, and the pencil tool. Would those work?

  6. I used A5 size (width=2480px height=1748px)but you can use bigger or smaller without any real problems.

  7. Wow!! Another Great video tutorial. Thanks so much for putting awesome & useful tutorial.
    Awesome Background Awesome Christmas tree.
    Nice step by step explanation All two part of video are awesome.
    Every thing is superb & awesome
    Your are the Best Gavin
    Thanks God Bless You:-)

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