CMYK and RGB in CorelDraw?

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What is the difference between CMYK color and RGB color in CorelDraw. Do they influence the result of my design? Which one is better used?

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  1. CMYK (which stands for Cyan Magenta Yellow and Key (or blacK)), these colours are used for any jobs which are printed using four colour process. RGB (Red Green and Blue) are the primary optical colours, nearly all computer monitors and screens use RGB to create colours.

    This breaks down to, basically, RGB is used for screen use, CMYK is used for any print work. However, there are print applications that need to use RGB.

    RGB can create a wider range of colours than CMYK (this is called a gamut) and generally RGB colours are brighter and more vivid, so if you are creating an illustration for print you should work in CMYK and if for screen work in RGB. The most obvious effects of the gamut are in the areas of orange and purple which can be difficult to create in CMYK.

    Most inkjet and laser printers use a rip to convert the colours from one mode to another and although they can do a decent job, professional print processes require images to be created in the correct colour mode or the colours will appear different to your intention.

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