COLORING PROBLEMS – Color Pencils, Crayons, Markers?

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I actually have a BIG problem when it comes to coloring….

Im pretty confident in matching colors, BUT, I’m really bad at using them – color pencils, crayons, etc.

I am doing tessellation for a piece of work and, I really dont know what coloring tools to use. Traditional coloring preferred as I don’t have a big scanner to scan my work in to color using photoshop/illustrator (not that im good at using those too)

Problems are – when i tried coloring with color pencils, the overall looks somewhat ‘kiddish’, eg. white spaces can be seen on the objects I’ve colored on. That doesnt look nice. Looks like a work done by a kid no matter how good (whatever) my concept is. =/

With crayons it looks better though, those white spaces can be easily colored over but it’s kind dirty/messy.

Hmm… so what would you recommend? I actually used markers (with thin tips) to do the outlines, but stuck at the coloring part. Can I color with colored markers?

Appreciate any help, thanks!!
I don’t really do colors… am at a loss… and have never colored with markers! (lol)
What type of markers would you recommend?

Will be great if any tips on coloring with crayons or color pencils are shared too

.. but im actually askin bout markers.. color pencils.. well.

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  1. Faber Castell Water Colour pencils are good as you can apply a wet paint brush over the colour and it’s then kind of like a watercolour painting.
    I also like using chalk pastels, ‘Mungyo’ is a reasonably priced brand. I use tissue paper, (even toilet paper) to rub onto the pastel itself, and then use the tissue to make a soft even spread of colour on your work. It’s an excellent way to mix other colours in too. Then you can use an artist’s eraser, the pliable ones to erase out very fine details. You can use colour pencil over the top of the pastel as well to add details.
    Hope this helps.

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