Tutorial to create a Complicated design in coreldraw

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Get through the below tutorial to learn how you can create certificates for institution  using coreldraw

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  1. @ramisaliahmad I agree in the sense that it would be nicer to listen to an explanation on your taken steps (or more text instructions, as you have done). For the novice, and due to the speed at which the video is played, it might be difficult to follow what you are doing. Great work, by the way.

    To PerivaleBuses: I don’t think a plug-in “takes away your talent”: how could it? It just speeds up the work of the stuff which is already on your mind.

  2. True about the mute, but I was thinking more of author voice participation. Also it would be nice to see how well CorelDraw can do these complicated designs without the use of other plugins.

    I have seen most of your videos (not all) hence I am subscribed, don’t get me wrong, take it as a constructive criticism.

  3. @PerivaleBuses
    well mate u r rite, some portion of it, is made with securidesign and some portion is done in excentro. And I have showed how I made these kinda fings in ma other videos if u have watched em. About music, u can put urself on mute if u aint interested in it. innit?

  4. Those are great designs, most probably done using 3rd party plugin like SecuriDesign which takes away your talent. Instead of showing the end result why not show us how you really did it and you can also skip the Indian music, some of us are more interested in corelDraw than hearing background music, too laud btw.

  5. i interesting with first design in this video….how to creat emboss effect in this video?are you use some software or just plugin in coredraw?please tell me….because i learning some secure design for my job..thnx b’4

  6. i used corel for years..but i cant do those stuff you made…how long did u make those piece?…

    btw… your works are great… = )

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