computer art CorelDraw X3?

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When I draw an image on a white paper and scan it into my pc files, how do I keep the white paper from showing up as a background on my created dark t-shirts? I am using CorelDRAW X3. I`ve tried a number of different procedures on Corel such as transparency tool, remove background. Even though it`s gone on my work page, after I save image and then reopen it, the white is showing again. Erasing it is too difficult because of the detail. So some will always show.

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  1. Have you tried using the “Trace Bitmap” tool? It will turn your image into a bunch of vector shapes and it might not look perfect, but you can go in and tweak the level of detail and smoothing until it looks nice. After you do that, ungroup everything and delete the white out. It you want it to look hand drawn, then I would say you might need to do all of that then turn it back into a bitmap, go into PhotoPaint, color mask the white, expand the mask by 1 pixel and delete. Then add some effects and textures to give it a nice hand drawn look.

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