Converting CorelDraw CDR file to a Adobe Illustrator AI file.?

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Ok so I have a problem. Someone sent me a CorelDraw file, and I am trying to save it/export it so that it can be used in AI. I downloaded the CorelDraw demo and opened the file up in it. I went to export as Adobe Illustrator file, and it works.

The problem is every time I export it from Draw into the AI file there is so much distortion and it adds in all sorts of extra lettering/periods.
Does anyone know a better way to convert this file/template and maintain the structure?


You might try saving as an EPS file (Encapsulated PostScript). This is the standard file type that’s been around from Adobe forever, and Illustrator knows how to open and use such files. I don’t know if CorelDraw can save as EPS, but it should since it is a standard, especially for vectors.

Is there any way you can ask the person who sent you that original CorelDraw file to save it as an EPS and resent it to you? (Unfortunately lots of times people have to educated about the fact that the program they use saves as a proprietary file type unless they do a SAVE AS and pick a more standard file type.)

Hope that helps.

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