CorelDraw Crash problem: Application recovery manager appeard before it runs properly

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Formerly I used Inkscape. Now I preferred CorelDRAW X4 because it’s much better than free Inkscape. The story is like this, I had installed CorelDRAW X4 into my system but my problem is when I run the application the pop up Application Recovery Manager is appeared (actually I never installed CorelDRAW X4 trial before I bought it).

Tried to reinstall and press F8 to remain default but it’s useless. I already search google maybe some guy got similar problem as me. Help me. Probably I’m the only one whose possessed this problem. Thanks for help.

P/S: Dont say Inkscape is much better than CorelDRAW.
I used Windows XP SP3 but I can run normally CorelDRAW X4 trial.


Change your system date back say five or six months back or the last month when it was running properly….

Coreldraw X4 is fully compatible with Vista or Seven or xp this happens because of the Faulty key you are using

Like the movie...rate it now

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  1. Corel DRAW X4
    Is not compatible with
    Windows xp or vista

    My upgrade of my computer made my Corel DRAW
    I pissed me off see that it cost over $ 440.00

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