Difference between CorelDraw and Adobe Pagemaker? Magazine layout software?

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Can we use CorelDraw for layout design for magazines and newsletters, instead of Adobe Pagemaker or Adobe InDesign??

Currently I am not having the Adobe products, so I have to use the Corel softwares.

How different would the final product be, when produced in both of them??


Dear friend, First of all be sure which precise work you will do, If you solely work with magazine layouts the Coreldraw is better than adobe pagemaker in the sense of picture of pixtel ratio is best there in reference with pagemaker; I am describing you a bit about all:
Adobe Pagemaker: Best for news paper or bills or the layouts where you must work more with texts and its layouts rather than pictures, yes there you can place or import pictures but the scope with picture effects or layout of picture is not stronger as coreldraw.
Adobe Photoshop: Is better than Coreldraw in sense of Picture editing. But when working with logos or text layout with picture its weaker than coreldraw.
Adobe InDesign: For Image editing surely but not so much precise to wirk with text, logos, different layer positioning same as coreldraw.
As you can see and my suggestion is now:
* If your work to design and print Magazine specially covers, go for coreldraw as it’s specialist for logo designing with different positioning of texts,
* If your work to edit the pictures of magazine go for the Photoshop, but * * coreldraw latest versions includes PhotoPaint where not only you can edit the pictures for your magazine but also interesting effects too.
* If your work mainly for the journals like new papers or magazines where picture quality not so high resolution but yet many texts as news papers then go for Pagemaker.
But my humble opinion, buy Coreldraw as it comes with Paintshop and you can use it for multypurpose, even many digital printers works best with coreldraw than adobe photoshop or pagemaker and the main thing is, u need both pagemaker and photoshop when you can buy single coreldraw which comes with paintshop.
So save your money for multy purpose corel draw with paint shop when u need mainly desing and lauout the magazine with photos and custom logos. Remember the point, with Coreldraw you will get atleast 4 times better options to make logos and even to think about it. Cheers and enjoy your graphics work!

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  1. they would be different, would you not use wordperfect for page layout, corel draw is more like adobe illustrator, not pagemaker,
    check other corel software, ok some what usable for layout,
    but may choose to use other components, like wordperfect for text, and draw for layout, etc. ,if you have suite set, or access to designer technical suite , try those as well,,,
    still trying to relate to indesign/quark…

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