Why even a small sized Coreldraw files takes a long time to open…

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Sometimes in Coreldraw (doesn’t matter which version it is)  a very strange problem appears  while opening any particular file takes too long time, even if the file size only in bytes, containing very few elements. The same problem also appear with a new document when any object copied from the previous file taking too long time, copied into the new document this file also becomes infected with very odd problem.

I have searched a lot to find the reason behind this unique problem but there is no satisfactory answer i found. Some says the file is corrupt from which the matter is copied, but no way this can be so as every and each data there is perfect.

But i have just got a solution for this to make the file error free, I don’t know the reason behind its working but it really works for me, I have applied this  on several files and all of them are working perfectly.

What I basiclly do, I export the file which takes too long time or gives me the problem, as CMX (Corel presentation Exchange) and Reopen the exported file. After saving it as another cdr file it becomes error free. But I have encountered only one problem with this mehtod as all of text wrapping given to any object vanishes along with the problem and have to redraw all the guidelines. But all other malfunctioning had also gone. I know it has no logic but it has work for me and i think it can work for you also.

Earlier this post was posted on a private domain where it has received a lot of comment from several users but unfortunately that site was dumped down and I some how managed to get ony two comments you can read them below and I assume if it solves your problem you won’t bother to make a comment and feed burner subscription…


Shakil Says

Thank u so much dear. I was in big trouble but now feeling relaxed.
Once again thanks for such a nice solution.

Ketan Dholakiaon 22 Dec 2009 at 4:00 pm

After so many experiment I have found reason for coreldraw slow opening error.

Reason for that is Coreldraw store Color styles in file.
If there is so many Color Style then it will take so much time.

You can check which color styles are used in file after opening file
in File menu –> tools —> Color Style.

If there are so many color style the your pc will be slowdown.

you can check by other way as below :
1. Export your file to cmx.
2. get document information ofter opening file.
3. Open source file (Original) and get document information of it.
4. Compare both file’s document information.

you may be find difference Color Style in “Style” Section.
but after exporting it to cmx file, styles are not not included so the cmx file open faster bcause of Color style are not included.

This is the reason for delay opening of file.


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