Need to buy CorelDraw Graphics Suite X4: should I go for it

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I am a graphic artist and I have been asked to do a pretty big project. Unfortunately, I don’t have any real editing software, and what I have been using to “wing it” with won’t work this time for something this professional and important.

I have been looking at a couple G4s for Mac and Photoshop software (was able to use those items for free at school and can’t anymore) to buy, but I truly can’t afford it now that my car has broken down.

This CorelDraw software is on sale for less than $100 instead of being over $400 and I was thinking about getting it. Would anyone recommend it or am I wasting my time? I am going to slowly save for a used Mac and the program Adobe Illustrator CS3.

I would buy the Illustrator CS3 now, but I can’t afford it AND afford the MAC since it would be a waste to buy the expensive software for a PC.

Right now Academic Superstore have the Illustrator software for about $200…and I hope that it’s on sale again by the time I can afford it because the MSRP is about $600!!!

HELP PLEASE! Thanks in advance.


I have Corel Graphics Suite X3. I find that the software is pretty good but I get frustrated with the lack of information out there, for it. I’ve even asked questions about it on Yahoo Answers and got very few answers. I’ve yet to find a manual. It’s not like say… Adobe Photoshop where you have a large selection of manuals and tutorials. That’s one of my biggest frustrations with the software.

Like the movie...rate it now


  1. I have been using CorelDraw since v 2.0. X4 is a very stable release and is very much worth the money you will spend on it. There are a huge number of people doing serious work on CorelDraw. Check this link out:

    There is some serious art in the galleries there. All the best!


    Serafina: Try the website in the source for many many links to tutorials, video tutorials and tonnes of tips and tricks. That is the best site for posting questions and getting quick answers. Also try:

    Also, I have the student version and even that DVD for X4 contains a User’s Guide in PDF.

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