CorelDraw ARM error when Open Save Save As Import Export a file…. vr X3, X4, X5

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There is no doubt that CorelDraw is among the list of most used graphical software. With its user friendly easy interface it is gaining more and more popularity throughout the world. But do you know there is still a bug
which can be considered the most irritable one… do you guess….?

CorelDraw ARM erroThis one is the CorelDraw’s Automatic Recovery Manager Wizard (Corel A.R.M. ) error that pop-ups every time we try to open any file or even want to save a newly created document, Even while trying to Importing or exporting a file from the corel Interface causes it to opens up… Even the latest release Corel X5 shows the same irritating massage… Do you know what caues it up?

This problem mainly occurs because of tweaked version of Windows Xp in use… with some registry modification for Windows to perform better, but instead of going it in a better way it causes CorelDraw into malfunctioning. However this is not only related to CorelDraw even the most popular software from Microsoft Msoffice is also among the list caused by this tweak ofr improper working, sitting in between Common Dialogue function (i.e. comdlg32 ) So if you have came across to this site Deep Insides the CorelDraw you will not get yourself disappointed to get a solution for this….

To solve this problem you have to open Registry Editor  (ALT+R or START->RUN and type regedit and press enter) and go to:

[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\comdlg32] and change NoFileMru from 0×00000001 to 0×00000000

Though in  a situation if you don’t know how to handle this situation using registry editor simply download this registry file from the link below extract it and run it… when it ask you are you sure you want to add this information into registry press yes or ok…. it will definitely solve your problem for any version released till date i.e. 12, x3, x4 or the latest one x5 …


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  1. Then Don’t worry only download the mention CorelRegistry fixer from the above link and double click … this will fix your problem

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