Learn how to draw Cartoon chatacter: CorelDRAW or Corel Painter?

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I want to make cartoons! which one should i choose CorelDraw or Corel Painter


It depends on if you want to learn a vector drawing program or a raster drawing program.  I use both but I had to finally take a couple of classes to learn to use CorelDRAW.

Why don’t you try out a couple free ones first and see which you like better?  It also helps to have a graphics tablet….You can get the Bamboo for $70 or the Bamboo Fun which comes with Painter Essentials and Photoshop Elements for $100.  The free programs are

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  1. i use corel draw and adobe photoshop and image ready…..haven’t used corel painter though so i cant really compare the two.this just what works for me.

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