Working with CorelDraw X4 Print Merge command: Video tutorial

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Get through the below video tutorial to learn print merge command in CorelDraw.

  • Print separations in Corel PHOTO-PAINT no longer produces unnecessary empty plates.
  • Print Merge has been enhanced to recognize RTF & CSV files saved from within the Wizard.
  • Print Preview is no longer missing any printing boundaries areas of the current driver.

Go through the below video get more….

Like the movie...rate it now


  1. @artsy777 He made it by using Camtasia Studio (at least I think). Its a commercial desktop video recorder and editor… Ofc, there are tutorials on YouTube and in Camtasia program 😀

  2. Great Help! Thank you. After 15 years using the program, I am thrilled to finally understand how to use merge. You are awesome!

    How do you get your lesson on a video like that? I want to teach people how to paint in Fireworks but have no idea how to do that with the little indicators, etc….

  3. Thanks again Prof….we’ved been in the printing business here in the Phils for so long … we print the series of numbers on tickets using the old way – printing on letterpress with numbering machine…it is only now that I learned from this tutorial that you could already do this on corel x4… very useful on short runs…

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