Create an animated 3D logo (Illustrator, Swift 3D, Flash)

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How to create an animated 3D logo using Adobe Illustrator, Swift 3D and Flash. Taken from the video tutorial series on by Lee Brimelow. Uploaded by

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  1. Video taught me a few small but, extremely important details regarding rendered export; good work!

  2. @GhostHunter1986

    Swif.T 3D/Swift 3D comes in a Flash and Photoshop Plug-In formats as well as a stand alone application with an animation timeline editing tool chain that can be exported into an .swf file format. You can develop Flash assets with Swift 3D without needing Flash Professional.

  3. how can i get the Illustrator legacy? if theres anyone know about this problem?thank you!

  4. I just want to know what are the versions of Illustrator, flash and swift 3D. Because I don’t get the illustrator legacy option when I try to export.

  5. great tutorial for the basics of creating a image > making it 3D… then exporting for use on the web!..
    This will do wonders for my site!

  6. you can do the same as in illustrator but in flash, export as illustrator file 😀

  7. For Illustrator CS3, choose Save As, then just select Illustrator File, the OK. After that a window will pop up, you can select the version of AI you want there.

    You can import AI CS3 files with the latest version of Swift 3D (V5.00).

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