Learn how to create a PDF for the Web using CorelDraw!

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I need some help. I have a large document (a Newsletter) that I need to post on my company’s website but don’t know how to get the file small enough for optimal web viewing. Anyone know anything about this? Also, I am using CorelDRAW X3…


If you are already working with coreldraw then look through the file menu and then Publish to PDF menu at the lower end and click it. This will show you option through which you can control size and quality of the final PDF file…. explore it…..

Like the movie...rate it now


  1. If you are using acrobat to convert the corel file to a PDF then there is an option where you can remove compatibility for older versions of Adobe reader, this will shrink the file considerably.

  2. You can also convert with this free online converter:

    I have used it. Does a pretty good job and is easy to follow.

    I’m curious. Doesn’t CorelDraw have an option to:
    File, Save AS – then for filetype – PDF

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