Creating Character Text Style in Indesign: Learn step by step process

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In last few article; we have discussed a lot about the Paragraph text styles in detail, now it’s time have some discussion about the the creation and usage of Character styles.

Unlike Paragraph text styles, which is used to apply text properties to a complete paragraph, Character styles applies the text effect to a certain part of a paragraph which is being selected.

Below are the steps used to create the Character Text Styles in Indesign:

  1. As we know to open Paragraph Text Style we use the shortcut key F11, now to open Character style we have to use the same F11 keys but with a combination of shift key i.e. shift + F11 will open the Character Style Panel or alternatively you can go to Type > Character Styles.
  2. Now open any file or from if you already a file opened select any text and apply whatever text properties to it like if it is not italic then you can modify it as italic or even you can change the character colour. Here, keep in mind you can apply or change whatever text effect you want but don’t let the text deselect.
  3. Now from the Panel window opened look at the bottom right corner just beside the delete icon, there is an icon for a new Character style and click on it. As you already have text selected the whatever properties you have modified will be automatically save to this new Character Style.
    Character Style Panel in Indesign
    Character Style Panel in Indesign
  4. Click over the newly created Character Style and rename it with any name you wish.
  5. To use this style just select the text and click on this style, you will see that the set text properties gets automatically applied to the selected text, leaving untouched the rest of the paragraph.
  6. As like I have told in the previous article about creating a shortcut icon for Paragraph Style, in the same way you can also do that with Character styles also. But here with character styles I basically use a combination of Shift + Number keys as I keep reserve the Ctrl key for Paragraph Text style… so that I can easily remember the both Paragraph Text style and Character styles shortcut.

Now in the next article I will discuss the advance settings for a character style too… so keep visiting and don’t forget to share these articles with your friends too.

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    • I doesn’t understand what do you mean by pasting bold italic text as it is in Indesign… do you mean pasting a text from any other file say from MS Word… Then first you have to create a character style for bolditalic font style using the steps given in the above article. Copy text from the source and paste in Indesign using the selected character style… the result will be the bold italic output…

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