How to convert a photograph into line art: Photoshop Tutorial

Like the movie...rate it now

An image if converted into line art have a lot of impact in Graphic Era, go through the below video how to create line art from any photograph … and i am sure you would love this effect…

Like the movie...rate it now


  1. if you want to do true line art you draw lines around everything in the picture. change thicknesses to get it really looking. this is a 30 second technique that does not require a lot of abilities

  2. thanks i want to ask you for something in the manga for example they color the Tshirt in black so when i want to color it i can’t because it’s black do you know how to remove the black so i can color it sorry for the bad english

  3. @ lilwayne573: You need to save them as a JPEG or GIF and make an image uploading account. then use the link to paste it in your myspace.
    Photobucket is ideal.

  4. pleasehelp wen i use adobe photo shop then i cant put my images from adobe photoshop into myspace help mssg back

  5. also go to HUE/Saturation under images/adjustments make hue and Saturation as low as you can and make the lightness 96 if you want an outline to sketch over

  6. excellent video man could never be fucked drawing lines over every edge manually cheers!

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