Video tutorial How to design a logo using CorelDraww

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Creating logo using CorelDRAw X3

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  1. Thank You Alexis Galvez for the good tutorials

    I appreciate much and my skills will improve because of you

  2. Everyone realize that everyone else is posotive and greatful that this man is giving his time to teach us new things. Still, down below “asnati3d”, still wants to single himself out and let us all know that he is a jackass. There always has to be 1 person who is sooo desperate for attention.

  3. Thank you very much… there you put on work too much ideas that i’ll can not remember all of them but I’ll do my best for reachinch your skills!

  4. Hola, me llamo Branco, estoy interesado en empezar a estudiar Diseño Grafico aqui en España. Me gustaria saber tu opinion… ¿por cual programa crees que es mejor que yo empiece a aprender?

    …uno de vectores?¿
    …de edicion de imagenes?¿
    .. o por cualquier otro?¿

    Muchas gracias por la ayuda
    hasta luego

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