Creating Paragraph Text Style and Steps How to use a Paragraph Style

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Indesign as we all know is one of the best software for Typesetting of books and one of the  best feature it has is, Paragraph text style (Though it also support Character style but that we will discuss in the next article).

For a newbie, as I know it may be hard to locate or to define what a Paragraph text style is? So first let me explain.

With a DTP work, while typesetting a complete book, there are many elements having the same text properties like font properties, size or colour styles. For a book, specially a text book for school children, has many elements with unique properties, most of them usually called A level heading and then a secondary heading which designers or editors called B level heading and sometime there may be a C Level Headings also. After these heading there we also have a text properties for body text which is the running text.

Now for a designer, say if a book have 100 or more A level headings (for a while I am only considering the A level heading and left all other elements, a text book might have) then manually setting the text properties to each of A lever heading will take too much time. Not only that, even though anybody has courage to do that manually, and after doing that, there comes a demand to slightly change the text properties he has assigned…. doesn’t it a very horrible situation even to imagine.

So this is where the Paragraph text style used. Using a Paragraph Style, the text properties has to be set once only and that property can be applied to another paragraph or heading with only a single click or using a shortcut.

Now given below are the steps you need to follow to create and apply Paragraph Text Style to a text:

  1. First of all you have to import text to which you have to typesetting, to the Indesign working frame.
  2. Select the text to which you want to create a Paragraph text style, plz consider here that we are taking about the a level heading.
  3. Now to the selected text, apply the text properties whatever you want using the top text panel, you can also specify the colour using the colour palate. For example for a A Level Heading we basically use font more than 25 points with bold properties for Class level 1 (though these may vary depending upon the requirement) with any bright colour.
    Creating a Paragraph Text Style in Indesign
    Creating a Paragraph Text Style in Indesign
  4. Once you have specified the desired properties to the selected text like Before paragraph text spacing , after paragraph text, font size, font properties, text colour , its time now to use this property as a paragraph text style.
  5. To open the Paragraph Text Style Panel window go to Type > Paragraph Text Style or alternatively you can also use F11 shortcut key.
  6. Now to the Paragraph Text Panel window at the bottom just left to delete icon there is a new paragraph text style Icon. Click on it (But before you click on it make sure you have text selected to which you have already selected paragraph text properties).
    Paragraph Text style
    Paragraph Text style
  7. Doing so will create a new paragraph style with the name Paragraph Style 1, double click on it and it will open a new window as shown above. Here on this screen you can change its name and assign a new shortcut key, In my case I have assigned Ctrl+1, and click on ok. (Though there are also several other properties but we will discussed them later one by one)
  8. Now you have created the a Paragraph text style, just move your text cursor to the text where you want to apply the effect, there is no need to select the complete text just only the cursor position will do the trick.
  9. The final step is keeping the text anchor middle of the text click on the paragraph text style you have just created or alternatively use Ctrl+1 keyboard you have assigned to it.

This is all for toady… hope you would have liked it… in the next article we will learn how a character style can be created… so far have a nice day/ or sweet dreams.

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