does layers apply to CorelDraw?

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does layers apply to coreldraw?

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  1. In a way, yes. Though they’re called objects, rather than layers. If you’re using CorelDRAW, click on “Window > Dockers > Object Manager”, and a small tab will appear on your right-hand side of the workspace. Click on that and all of the objects (layers to Adobe users), text, vector graphics, bitmap images and all, are arranged from top to bottom. Personally, I rarely use them since I can just click on the object/s and the toolbar changes to suit the object/s selected. However, I’m not sure if you can turn them on or off (as in some Adobe programs) as the command will apply only to the selected object/s, unaffecting the others within the work area.

    If you’re more accustomed to an Adobe-style work area, you can set the work area to look like Illustrator. Click on “Tools > Options”, and a dialog box will appear. On the window at left, click on “Workspace” and an options box will appear in the middle with a list of options. Click on “Adobe(R) Illustrator(R)”: and the workplace will automatically adjust to a Adobe-style workplace. And click “OK”. Chances are, your list of layers(objects) will be there.

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