How to adjust or color caliberate monitor displays for Graphic designing work

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If you are a Graphic Designer or a photographer then i think you will be very well aware what a color combination is. What could happen if you are correcting a picture or making a design and the colors you were choosing or correcting will look different on another computer or the printouts you have finally received is not as good as you have expected. This happens because your monitor is not well calibrated. Every monitor has its own combination of brightness – contrast setting or the color level , means each and every photo you have will look different on different monitors.

Still if you are confused let me clarify it suppose you got a brand new TV and  you saw faces are looking more red or green color is not as it should be you adjust is as much as possible the same step is also applied to the Monitors also. But keep in mind that TV’s are for viewing purpose while on pc’s pictures are corrected and then send for output. And in final output a slight change in color may create a terrible results. That is why a color calibration required.

There are currently two ways through which colors for a PC monitor are adjusted, One is through manual process while the other using calibration gadgets. There are a lot of sites which provide a full step by step knowledge about how to do a manual color calibration. One of such site is where you can calibrate your monitor easily. And if you are using Adobe Photoshop or the elements then i think you may be familiar with adobe gama a small tool which can be used to calibrate your monitor for use with adobe photoshop (You can get a detailed info about Adobe Gama here at the Adobe Site)

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