Draw Vector Heart Artwork: Adobe Illustrator Tutorial

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Check this video out at Hi-Res here: www.tutvid.com This tutorial covers how to draw a vector heart! No source files are needed just Adobe Illustrator and some time! I cover: Using the Grid, Basic Pen tool, Gradients, Swatches, Blend modes, Masking, and so much more! Enjoy the video and check out www.tutvid.com for more free videos!

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  1. @IKmatli2010 As he stated early in the video, it’s Creative Suite 3. Hope that helps.

  2. awsome tutorial 😉 i think in this tutorial is much basics things 😉 thanks so much for this tutorial 😉

  3. Thank you very much your lessons and wonderful Ultimate .. Without teacher you a lot .. Brother Bandar Sharari Saudi Arabia

  4. Nice work! This is outstanding! How did you figure out how to combine all theose different effects to get that effect!?

  5. i am running CS4 and i can’t find eliplse tool…can you help me pls…oh and great video!!! thx =)

  6. @Betoladodgers

    Photoshop uses pixels and Illustrator uses vectors. A pixel is a tiny, tiny dot on the screen. An image contains thousands of pixels. It kind of sucks because you can’t make a pixel bigger than what it already is, only smaller. If you stretch a pixel, it looks fuzzy and ugly (so no up-sizing pictures!). A vector uses math and numbers so that no matter how big you make it, it will always look sharp and clean.

  7. 1:42 I don’t have the Preferences option inside the Edit tab. I’m on cs5. How do i get it?

  8. Oh thank you so much!This helped me (and is helping me still)a lot to understand the illustrator,it was great!

  9. Hey THANKS SO SO MUCH, HUGE HELP with my design homework. I Just have one question with creating the white shine by Pen tool, somehow after I lower the opacity to get that seen through look, it looks yellow rather than white, I’ve checked my colours and everything dunno what’s wrong.

    Yellow’s probably alright, just that white feels much more satisfying xD, can you help me please?

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