How to export cutout/finished images from CorelDraw to Photshop

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For Graphic Designers there are only few software which are the best and in this list CorelDraw and Photoshop both deserves to top. While Photoshop is best for the photo editing purpose and Coreldraw is for vector purpose. But have you ever noticed that importing a finished cut out image from Photoshop to Corel is very easy but to get the file back into Photoshop from Coreldraw is a very tough task. So is there any way through which we can get back a finished image from Corel to Photoshop… though there is not a direct method but I have got to do with a trick..

As we know exporting any finished cutout image from corel merges the white background to the image which forced us to rework on that file. So when I need to have any file into photoshop exported from corel then I first choose the Edit Bitmap from Bitmap menu which diverts me to Corel Photopaint with the image I want  to edit with in its original format and from Photoshop I save it in PSD format. What do you think about my trick?

This way I export image from a coreldraw file received from the client or whatever the raw files aren’t awailable. I prefer this way because User Interface provided in CorelPhotopaint for image editing is not very impressive while in Photoshop with the same file it makes me a lot easier to work with….

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