Converting CDR format into jpeg or bitmap: what to do?

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I created an image on CorelDRAW X3 and it is in the .cdr format. I need a program that will let me change it to a JPG, JPEG, GIF, or bmp format.


Just use the CorelDraw’s Export (Ctrl+I) function to save any image into almost any extension available….

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  1. Copy and paste into MS paint….Then save as jpg or etc….

    MS paint should already be on your computer…Go to start>>all programs>>accessories….

  2. I’m not familiar with CorelDraw, but most photo imaging programs give you choices of formats when you click on “save as”.

    Are you clicking on “save” or “save as”?

    Try opening your .cdr format image, then click on “save as” and see if it gives you the .jpg, .gif, or .bmp formats to save it in.

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