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Photography these days have become just like a fun, as to take photograph there is no need to have an high end camera but mobile phone available these days are well capable to take good quality photographs. The only problem occurs as to which software to be used to edit these photographs. Though, the best software used to edit or modify images is Photoshop, but that is a professional one… is very expensive… now what… don’t worry today in this post I will tell you one of the free and widely used photo editing software called Photo Decorator… which is absolutely free to use.

Photo decorator is a photo editor software that can easily resize or crop an image, with this software you also can modify or delete some parts of the photo. If you need to add a frame to your photograph then only a single click required and image will surrounded by a beautiful frame.


It has a very simple user interface and very easy to figure out which tool to used for what. You can easily locate a list of menu across the top to have access to the program’s feature.  The typical image-editing basics are here; you can crop and resize images, adjust color, and draw on images. There are also tools for cutting or copying selected portions of images, and an array of special effects that add drop shadows, blur and sharpen images, and give images the look of other mediums, such as oil paint. You can also add frames, decorative graphics, and text to your images. The program has a rudimentary FAQ on its Web site but no real Help file, which is unfortunate, as not all of its features will be intuitive for those who haven’t used image editors before. Still, for the most part, Photo Decorator is easy to use, and it’s worth checking out if you’re in the market for a basic photo editor that doesn’t have a lot of advanced features.

Looking for a more info and a download link click here.

Like the movie...rate it now

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