Glass Effect : How to create Glass Button using CorelDraw

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Get through the below video to learn how you can create transparent button looks like made of Glass using CorelDraw

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  1. thank you very much, your tutorials makes me do good with my screen printing bussiness

  2. The button will stop showing the shadow inside when you convert it to a bitmap and THEN apply the shadow to it.

  3. Francez007,

    Can you be more specific?

    What time on the video does it show your problem working?

    What do you mean by “option to make object not to get shadowed inside”?

    Are you converting to bitmap (with tranparent background, as at 6:15 on the video?)

    You could also repeat the steps writing on paper each of your steps IE: every button you click, then post your steps here…

    Dont give up my friend!

  4. Existe en X3 una manera mas rapida y menos complicada, ya que en este corelx3 se puede utilizar muy bien la Herramienta de Transparencia interactiva, en la barra de herramientas.. saludos

  5. 🙁 I cant complet this lesson. There is no option to make object not to get shadowed inside. On the video we can see that it is working, but on my CDx3 I cant handle it. Why it so?

  6. Che Grilo .. si estudias diseño o queres comenzar! es mejor! que vayas aprendiendo tecnicas! introduciendote que es el diseño grafico! despues de eso! el mejor programa a mi gusto es Adobe Ilustrator! a comparacion de Corel Draw .. Adobe es mucho mas estable! y algunas cosas es superior! en estados de capaz !:) espero te sirva! saludos desde Argentina.

  7. Hola, me llamo Branco, estoy interesado en empezar a estudiar Diseño Grafico aqui en España. Me gustaria saber tu opinion… ¿por cual programa crees que es mejor que yo empiece a aprender?

    …uno de vectores?¿
    …de edicion de imagenes?¿
    .. o por cualquier otro?¿

    Muchas gracias por la ayuda
    hasta luego

  8. I am a Filipino too… Anywayzz… How do you learn this stuffs? I mean your making some cool graphics on Corel.. Are you like an Expert Graphic Maker? 😀 hehe.. JUST JOKING!

  9. man! you are great, im wanting to make a cool pic to put on the front of my daughters videos, but im crap at drawing, lol. So i hope your videos help me?
    Keep it up. 5*

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