Good Pranks to make fun of your friend?

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I just got tricked by the pranster at my company. He used Photoshop to edit my family photo and set the language of my phone to Turkish. I want revenge. To help you to think of pranks, let me tell you more about this @rseh0le. He has a second hand black sports car, he is very very very very very stingy, and he loves his sports car.


see if you can open either the ear piece or mouth piece of his phone and every day add a nickel or penny to it…… slowly he’ll get use to the weight of the phone, then after several weeks empty the phone and when it rings, he’ll hit himself in the head w/ it.  I’ve done this it works… (some phones it doesn’t work on) You can put Vasoline on the handles of his car doors…. use a lot!   or you can wrap saran wrap around the car (go over the roof and underneath) this may require a partner in crime, time and hidden from view.  Depending on where he parks, you can tape (be carefull what kind of tape you use)   tape a sign to the back, front or side of the car w/ your choice of jokes.  Have fun!

Like the movie...rate it now


  1. If he has a Gf do this. Go to a basketball game together with him his girlfriend and someone else. Pay for the teleprompter to announce that they are getting married, She finds out and is thrilled, he says thats a mistake, she gets mad at him.

    You can also press Print Screen on his computer and set it as a background and remove all the icons. He will be clicking the screen for hours.

  2. get water color and paint the doors pink and put shaving cream on the door and the windows.

  3. first u key the guys car
    second u ask someone to put graviti or paint dumb words on the car.
    tow the guys car

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