Graphic Design does not require Adobe all the time?

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I think there are certain frames within the graphic design environment. I have been working freelance for about a year and I work mostly with CorelDraw, Xara Extreme Pro and Paint shop Pro. Therefore, I notice that most of the people and the companies demand that you have to know the whole Adobe Suite, or at least Photoshop or illustrator. If i am able to do the same job with other programs, even better, why do I need to know Adobe . What really matters its your ideas and your portfolio,not what program you use for it. There any job that does not require any of this programs?

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  1. Adobe is the accepted standard for graphic design work. It would be best to get familiar with it.

  2. The reason Adobe Products are used is because it has become the standard, and they are easily integrated into their other products without loss of definition from conversion….The biggest problem is when giving your customer the ‘raw’ data to complete or publish their finished product, using something other than an Adobe product is a ‘setback’ or hurdle that needs to be addressed.

  3. well, adobe is pretty much the industry standard. And being that it is the standard, that’s likely what the company computers are going to have on them. So if a company were to hire someone, are they going to hire someone who can use the tools they already have, or are they going to hire someone who, while is very talented, needs additional software on top of what the company has already purchased.

    They company is only going to hire someone if they can make them money, and needing special software bought asap isn’t a good start to that.

    That being said, I would probably just learn photoshop, it’s not like you’ll ever get in problems from knowing too much 😛

  4. I agree, Adobe has become the standard. I think professionals feel that it is important to know this because it is mainly what they hear of. It is great that you know CorelDraw and the other think of how great it will be if you also learn the Adobe products, too. You will be ahead of the game!

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