For any Drwaing or art created Who Owns it Graphics And Copyright? Graphic Designer or the Company

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If you create a graphic, say in CorelDraw for instance for a company, individual, club or society are they allowed to use it on other things without your permission. And also is there a cheap way of registering the graphic as your work?


If you “create if FOR a company, individual….”  then it’s theirs They can use it however they wish.  I am  assuming that you were commissioned to do this of course. But you didn’t say.               To answer the second part of your question                                              You can send  a copy of a graphic, manuscript or any such item that you want in an envelop via registered mail to yourself to protect something in your portfolio.. When it is delivered you or someone representing you will sign for it. You take the envelope and file it away in a safe place and do not open it. Should there be a legal issue that arises concerning the item in the envelop. It would be taken to court still sealed and only then presented as evidence would it be opened witnessed by the court. The registering and dating by the post office postmark establishes a date which should stand in court . The post mark showing a date on or near the time the item was created or completed. But if you sell this you surrender all rights to it.

However, back to the first part of your question if you produce by commission something for someone it is theirs, they are paying you for it and in doing so obtain all rights to the image,object,manuscript..You surrender all rights to it by accepting payment. Unless some other arrangement has been made which is highly unlikely.

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  1. It depends on what you originally created the art for.

    If it’s a logo than it’s “assumed” they have the right to use the art in all their advertising and self-promotional items. A logo by definition can be used for all promotional purposes without further compensation. The company doesn’t “own” it but can use it as long as it remains a logo.

    If they fold let’s say and start using the artwork for something else that you did not agree to than it is a violation of copyright.

    Copyright by law can only be transferred in writing.

    Oh, and you can register the work with the copyright dept. ( You can google it.) I don’t remember the costs. Most designers don’t do this for logos.

    I just want to add that you should ALWAYS have it spelled out what the art is being used for and what the limitations are if any. A contract agreement before the work begins.

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