Coreldraw X4 Guidelines problem in new page added

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Prior to Coreldraw X4 there was an advantage (for some of us it was a disadvantage) that whenever we create a guidelines over a single page into a document, from there on every page these guidelines supposed to exit. But now as many of us have noticed that this feature some how vanished in CorelDraw X4. Am I right? What do you think?

If any one of you ever had some research with it, he will be sure that I am wrong as working with guidelines in CorelDraw have been much more enhanced. The only thing which required is having some extra knowledge about Working with layers in CorelDraw (Though I would love to write detail information on how layers can be used to enhance working, but will be only if I receive enough comments by you guys.)

So I was talking about the Guidelines, what Corel has implemented in this latest version that for each page there can be a different set of guidelines as per the designer’s requirement but even if he wants master guidelines this can also be created…

To do so with in CorelDraw Go to Windows > Dockers > And click over Object Manager (The Second Option) It Will open a side bar window as shown here. Note here that Layer 1 written in red this means this is the active layer for every object you create. Now click over Master Guide as shown in red box and create any guideline you want it will be available on any page you want it to be.

But before you start further working make sure you have selected the layer one back after creating desired master guides unless if you create any object will not look very perfect as fill color will not be visible.

So now I expect you have given a solution on how you can work guidelines make sure you make a comment before you leave this page as it will inspired me to write even more interesting article.

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  1. Hey Man! Thanx For The Help. It’s Been A f… problem at all but seem must be done great. so i must tested it on my corel but thanx so much for the help anyway!

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