How To Make an SxePhil Style Avatar in Photoshop Video tutorial

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In this HD tutorial I teach you How To Make an SxePhil (Philly D) Style Avatar in Photoshop. SUPER EASY TUTORIAL!! I hope you guys enjoy, and thanks for watching 🙂 Leave me a comment or PM if you have a request of what Photoshop video you want me to do next. To all who were expecting a G1 video, I am sorry but I have deiced to take some time off Android and do what I love the most: Photoshop. Please don’t unsubscribe, because I will still make them from time to time. If you do though, I understand and it’s cool

Like the movie...rate it now


  1. @SilverGunZoO didnt have enough time? cameron worked on that movie for 10years, if that aint enough time i duno what is

  2. oh and by the way, you can use black and white then bright it up allot, cut the picture to the glasses, that’s it, you did many unnecessary things

  3. I will tell you a method for selecting, go to>select> collor select then click the color and delete that collor, much easy and smooth, if the edges are aliased or jagged, go to , select>modify>feather
    this kind of picture will take me 1-2 minute to make, honestly ^^

  4. I was watching 2 videos in 2 tabs one was about avatar the movie, and from mistake I posted my comment here instead of there xD

  5. excellent movie, kept me interested, wasn’t boring, Pocahontas story basically, witch is great, and rich visuals, dono y so many haters but the movie is great, although as a graphic artist I do have to point out that the 3d rendering is good not great, had flaws, but hey, there was so much to do, they didn’t had time I guess
    i give it a 9.5/10 for rendering flaws 0.5 penality

  6. I don’t remember. And he’s made like at least 10 of them. I don’t feel like going back and watching them all

  7. I saw your face once, in one of your G1 tuts, lol. It was a reflection in the screen of the phone though.

  8. ok when you select the pen tool you will see options on the top of the screen like I do, make sure you have the same things clicked as me, tell me how it works out

  9. hey im trying to do a similar thing but when i use the pen tool it fills it in with black :s how do you get around it? please help im using cs2 if that is any use

  10. Oh thanks again, One question are you still using the G1? Or did you get annother phone cause I wanna get the Hero

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