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I am a graphic artist and I have been asked to do a pretty big project. Unfortunately, I don’t have any real editing software, and what I have been using to “wing it” with won’t work this time for something this professional and important.

I have been looking at a couple G4s for Mac and Photoshop software (was able to use those items for free at school and can’t anymore) to buy, but I truly can’t afford it now that my car has broken down.

This CorelDraw software is on sale for less than $100 instead of being over $400 and I was thinking about getting it. Would anyone recommend it or am I wasting my time? I am going to slowly save for a used Mac and the program Adobe Illustrator CS3.

I would buy the Illustrator CS3 now, but I can’t afford it AND afford the MAC since it would be a waste to buy the expensive software for a PC.

Right now Academic Superstore have the Illustrator software for about $200…and I hope that it’s on sale again by the time I can afford it because the MSRP is about $600!!!

HELP PLEASE! Thanks in advance.
I have been also looking for CS2.
I am making an invitation, response card, etc, and a newsletter. Thanks for the replies!!!

Like the movie...rate it now


  1. I can help you get Photoshop CS3 Extended and Illustrator CS2. I can’t help you get Illustrator CS3.

    And it won’t cost you a dime.

    Email me with your MSN.

  2. You really haven’t described your project enough for us to advise you on the best application to purchase.

    You mentioned Photoshop and Illustrator. These are two, very different applications, used for different forms of artwork. The pros who need both kinds, will of course, own and USE both kinds, each in their own specific applications.

    If you are looking for a decent Photoshop equivilant, I suggest you find Photoshop Elements. It retails for about $100 and has the most popular functions and tools of the full version Photoshop. Most people, on this forum, who claim to own the full version have probably wasted their money because all they seem to do is change colors, smooth over zits, swap heads and bodies, combine pictures, switch backgrounds and color picturs. These are ALL things handled very well by Elements, at a fraction of the cost.

    I know Corel. It’s a “nice” suite, with some equivilant functions of Photoshop, Illustrator and some page layout functions, as well. However, it is still limited function app, compared to the Adobe products. Still, not knowing what is is, exactly, that you intend to do, the Corel suite may be all that you will need. But, if not, you may STILL have to end up buying a more professional grade set of applications.

    I wish you luck. Perhaps if you can come back to describe this project, I can offer some better advice about your software purchases.

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