HELP!!! My 15 year old daughter wants a graphics app similar to MS Paint for her birthday.?

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She’s started using MS Paint to draw some cartoons and Anime characters but now she wants something bigger and better for her birthday.

I’ve looked into some things on the internet and found CorelDRAW but not sure if this is the same type of thing?
Can someone recommend some software similar to MS Paint but with more capabilities?

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  1. paint shop pro – cheaper than photoshop and coreldraw but very powerful and useful

    or even search for ‘the gimp’ – its free and a lot like photoshop

  2. well, the most popular commercial one is photoshop, but you can also simply download a free program such as the GIMP ( , it’s just as good as photoshop) and install it as a birthday present.

  3. I don’t know exactly what to say but if she is interested in creative stuff, i would recommend Adobe Photoshop.

    Its much advance than MS Paint. There are lot of thing you can do.

    I am sure it will come handy for your daughter and your self as well.

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