How can I change the picture to white and black color in Adobe Illustrator?

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I got a photo which is not enough pixel, what kind of software I can repair it?
And I also want to change or take out the color from the picture, the picture I got from internet.
I want to know what drawing software I can use for it?
I have used Adobe Illustrator CS4= can not take out the color from the picture.
If Photoshop can take out the color, but can not make the color and lines clear.
If CorelDraw I have to copy the pictures, I can not take out either color and inside picture which I want.
I am looking for the software can be easy take out the color or inside picture which I want. Then I can change the picture in CorelDraw.


You can have illustrator convert the image to a vector drawing using live trace > photo Low or High Fidelity > pen tool to fix artifacts > drag vector drawing to brushes tab > make it into a scatter brush > Colorization method to Tint and Shade or hue shift

If you want to make the image into a coloring book I would first enlarge the image in photoshop  to the size you want then use high pass filter fade the filter to hard light  basically what that does is sharpen the image then go to the channels and find the color channel that has the most contrast then 50% threshold  then use the median filter copy the channel to the other channels drag the image over to illustrator then live trace the image adjust the settings  so it is smooth but has the most detail check the ignore white check box expand the live trace then clean up any sharp points and artifacts with the pen tool  add any detail that was lost in the process with the pen tool… In photoshop and illustrator you can automate these processes by recording your actions and replaying the action and take a 4 step process a one step process.

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