How can I convert a CorelDRAW file into jpeg format or another common file format without extreme pixelation?

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‘J P’ responded recommending I work with a high resolution image. Thank you, but how do you change the resolution on an image in CorelDRAW? Thanks.

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  1. when converting from a vector software do it to a high resolution image so that even if u work on it afterwards in other non vector softwares lik photoshop it doesnt lose much quality!

  2. Just export the file in JPEG format. Click File > Export > and a dialog box will appear showing the resolution, file type (you can choose from a variety of file types from the drop-down selection box) and color mode for the JPEG file (A CMYK will be higher in file size but an RGB file will be better as the color range in RGB is more accurate than CMYK). You can set how big (the dimensions) the image will be and how high the image resolution is (200dpi is ideal for printing but you can set it as much as 1200dpi and above, though the file size will increase dramatically. After you’ve set your preferences, click OK and another box will appear previewing the Jpeg file before exporting. Check out the result and see if this is ok before you click OK.

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