how can i get a ‘hazy’ or diffused effect on photos?

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i have a canon FTb QL, in case it matters. I also don’t want any photoshop tricks…i already know how to use that. I wan to get that hazy soft glow purely out of film. Either black and white or color, both would be phenomenal. i have a 35mm a 50mm and i believe a 100 or 120 mm. I think a lot of it, besides lighting of course, is depth of field, but getting it explained would help a lot. Thanks in advance to everyone who answers =]

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  1. Easy trick… breath on the lens before the shot… it will fog up. Results will vary. But it is very effective

    Another way is to stretch a piece of stocking over the lens

  2. You can buy diffusion filters in various degrees of diffusion from Tiffen, Hoya and other filter manufacturers.

    You can buy a Skylight 1A (uncoated) filter and put a very thin coat of Vaseline on it, leaving the center clear.

    You can stretch a piece of pantyhose over your lens.

    Take a piece of cellophane, wrinkle it up and cut an irregular hole in the center and place it over your lens.

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